Bible Reading Plan

Whether you are just starting out or have been at this for a while, we invite you to read through the Bible with us in 2023! Pick a path and stick with it and see how God changes you.

Find the plan here!

Telling God our desires

We want to be a praying Church family - one that looks to Jesus for answers to everything life sends our way. Here's how we strive to do that:

Weekly: Join our Music Team and other Sunday volunteers as we pray at 9:15 before our Sunday Morning Service at 10. Then, bring your requests at the end of the Worship Service as we pray and close with a song each week.

Monthly: On the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm we host a prayer and worship gathering in the sanctuary. Come pray, listen, and sing with us.

Quarterly: Every time there is a fifth Sunday in a month, our worship service will be focused on sharing testimonies, prayer, and the Lord's Supper (Communion).

Grow with Others
Become who God created you to be

Small groups are 4-15 people who get together on a weekly basis to strengthen one another, be there for one another, and grow with God with one another. They're a way for our church to build stronger relationships. We believe that whether you have been a Christian your whole life, are a new believer, or know nothing about God, the Bible, or Jesus that you will benefit from small groups!

We plan to have regular classes and a rotation of groups active soon.

If you are interested in joining a small group please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll let you know when they are available!