• Singing as Formation

    Why do Christians sing? What are we doing when we sing together in gathered worship? How should our songs influence our lives? A message from Colossians 3.16.

  • Worship as Formation

    What are we doing when we gather together? What is worship, and why is the worship gathering important? Why do you “come to church”? A message from Ephesians 2.11-22.

  • What about Evil and Suffering?

    There is so much evil and suffering in the world that it is hard to believe that there is a God out there – let alone a good one. How does the Bible’s view of God inform our lives?

  • What about Jesus?

    Is Jesus God? Is that why He was killed and hated by the religious leaders? Or was He just some nice guy? A message from John 8.56-5.

  • What about the Bible?

    What do Christians believe about the Bible? Is it reliable? And how do we know what we’re reading is what was written? A message from 2 Timothy 3.16-17

  • What About God?

    In the first book of the Bible, we read about a God creating all things. Who is this God and how do we know that He is there? From Genesis 1.1. Click Here for the whole service.