• Made For More Part 2

    Have you ever wondered if you were “made for more.” Then come check out this Sunday talk series where Pastor Zac will walk us through the book of Ephesians and explore how YOU can be “made for more.”

  • Made For More Part 1

    Join us for the first week of our sermon series “Made For More” where Pastor Zac will be walking our church through the book of Ephesians. If you’ve ever wondered about your purpose in life then you DO NOT want

  • You Asked For It 09/26/2021

    Join us as Pastor Zac continues to walk through “You Asked For It” where Pastor Zac answers some burning questions from our congregation! YOU asked for it helps us work through some tough, practical topics that many of us wonder

  • You Asked For It 9/19/2021

    Come and join us as we continue through our sermon series “You Asked For It.” Where we’ll explore topics that are relevant and practical to everyday life. Sometimes we have questions about the Bible, about the Christian life or God’s

  • You Asked For It Part 1

    Join us as Pastor Zac explores questions asked by YOU! He will take us through some tough topics that have been on the minds of our congregation in a gracious manner, all while keeping the content biblical and the context

  • Kingdom of Heaven Part 4

    An Otherworldly Sexual Ethic